Jake Paul Drops Lil Pump to the Floor with Massive Body Shot as Lil Pump Joins Jake Paul and Requests to Get Punched

Jake Paul Floors Lil Pump with Massive Body Shot after Lil Pump Requests to Be Punched

Lil Pump Challenges Jake Paul to Punch Him on Podcast
Lil Pump’s recent encounter with Jake Paul took an unexpected turn, leaving the rapper in excruciating pain.

During the April 4 episode of the BS with Jake Paul podcast, Lil Pump shocked everyone by making a bizarre request to Jake Paul. Around the 21:50 minute mark, the Miami-born rapper asked Jake to punch him as hard as possible in the stomach after the podcast.

Jake and his co-hosts were taken aback by Pump's request, questioning if he was serious. Despite their hesitation, Pump insisted, suggesting they might need to take him to the hospital afterward.

At the episode's conclusion, Pump found himself in the ring with Jake, hands raised, ready for the punch. With a simple question from Jake – "Are you ready?" – Pump received a powerful blow to the gut and collapsed in pain.

Jake Paul Leaves Lil Pump Gasping for Air with Brutal Body Shot:

Reflecting on the possibility of entering the boxing ring himself, Pump expressed openness to the idea of facing off against another rapper. While his co-hosts suggested names like Blueface and Soulja Boy, Jake had his sights set on a different opponent: 6ix9ine.

In Pump's view, with Jake's training, he could take on anyone in the ring. However, Pump admitted he wouldn't stand a chance against Jake's upcoming opponent, the legendary Mike Tyson. Both Pump and Jake acknowledged the enormity of the challenge, with Jake describing it as "destiny" for him to be involved in boxing.

The showdown between Jake and Tyson is scheduled for July 20 at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Billed as "the biggest fight of the 21st century," the event, hosted by Most Valuable Promotions and Netflix, marks Netflix's first foray into live boxing.

Despite the daunting task ahead, Jake remains undeterred, expressing confidence in his ability and embracing the challenge with a mindset suited for the sport. As the event approaches, anticipation continues to build for what promises to be an epic showdown.

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