Rick Ross Accuses Lil Yachty of Writing for Drake Amid Alleged Demo Leaks: "Yacht AKA the pen"

Rick Ross Fires Shots at Lil Yachty, Claims He Ghostwrites for Drake

Rick Ross Targets Lil Yachty in Ongoing Drake Diss Campaign
Rick Ross continues his relentless pursuit of dissing Drake, with Lil Yachty now becoming the latest target in his social media campaign against the 6 God.

On Tuesday, Rozay took to Instagram Stories to involve Lil Yachty in his ongoing mockery of Drake, referring to Yachty as "the pen" and advising him to silence his phone as "#BBLDRIZZY" keeps calling.

Rick Ross Calls Lil Yachty Drake’s 'Pen'

This move by Ross stems from the recent alleged leak of a reference track by Yachty for Drake's track "Jumbotron Shit Poppin" from the album "Her Loss." Despite the leak causing some controversy, it's well-known that Yachty has collaborated with Drake in the past, with credits as a co-writer on several tracks from "Her Loss."

Interestingly, recent discussions surrounding these collaborations have sparked debates online, with some individuals reacting humorously to the situation. Regardless of the reactions, Ross remains focused on his mission of dissing Drake at every opportunity.

As the feud between Drake and various artists continues to unfold, fans eagerly await any official response from Drake himself. While an alleged leak hinted at Drake addressing Kendrick Lamar's "Like That" and acknowledging the complexities of his current situation, no official release has been confirmed yet.

In the midst of this ongoing drama, Rick Ross shows no signs of letting up, using his platform to keep the pressure on Drake while involving other artists like Lil Yachty in his campaign. As the saga unfolds, hip-hop enthusiasts remain captivated by the escalating tension and await further developments from all parties involved.

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