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Travis Scott Reflects on Grammy Disappointments: "F–k that award"

Travis Scott Opens Up About Grammy Frustrations on HBO's The Shop
Travis Scott's journey at the Grammy Awards has been marked by 10 nominations and zero wins. Despite the lack of recognition from the Recording Academy, Scott remains determined to chase validation in the music industry.

In a recent appearance on HBO's The Shop, alongside LeBron James and other notable guests, Scott opened up about his frustrations with the Grammy snubs. He expressed his desire to be acknowledged by the prestigious award, comparing it to athletes striving for Super Bowl victories or NBA championships.
A lot of our peers everyone’s like, ‘F–k that award.’ I f–k with it. You play football to win a Super Bowl, you play basketball to win championships. It’s what that Grammy used to mean is the idea I hold on to. I love to create music.

- Reavis Scott

Travis Scott Gets Candid About Grammy Snubs:

Acknowledging the significance of the Grammy in the music world, Scott lamented the lack of prominence given to rap categories during the awards ceremony. He highlighted the discrepancy in airing times for rap awards compared to other genres, often relegating rap artists to late time slots and forcing them to wait for hours before performing.

Despite his disappointment at not winning the coveted award, Scott continues to pour his creative energy into his music. His last two albums, including the Billboard chart-topping "Utopia," were nominated for rap album of the year but ultimately lost out to other contenders.
However, Scott refuses to let the Grammy snubs define his career. He remains focused on delivering high-energy performances and creating music that resonates with his fans. In fact, he recently graced the Grammy stage with a fiery performance of tracks from "Utopia," showcasing his dynamic stage presence and musical prowess alongside collaborator Playboi Carti.

Looking ahead, Scott's musical journey continues with exciting collaborations on the horizon. He is set to feature on Nicki Minaj's "FTCU (Sleeze Mix)," alongside Chris Brown and Sexyy Red, which is scheduled to release on streaming platforms soon.

Despite the setbacks and disappointments, Travis Scott remains a force to be reckoned with in the rap and hip-hop landscape. With his unwavering dedication to his craft and a legion of loyal fans behind him, Scott's quest for recognition in the music industry is far from over.

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