Why did 21 Savage hide his British roots?

The Reason Behind 21 Savage's Hidden British Roots Unveiled

21 Savage Opens Up About His British Origins After Keeping Them Secret for Years
In a shocking revelation that sent ripples through the hip-hop community, 21 Savage found himself at the center of an unexpected controversy a few years ago. 

Known for his prominence in Atlanta's rap scene, the rapper's arrest by ICE left fans bewildered, wondering why immigration authorities were targeting him. 

However, the truth soon emerged: 21 Savage was actually born in England and had migrated to the United States as a child, living in the country unlawfully ever since.
Since his immigration ordeal, 21 Savage has been candid about his origins, turning what could have been a setback into an opportunity for growth. 

He navigated legal hurdles to secure his freedom from ICE custody and subsequently pursued obtaining his official US citizenship, solidifying his place in the country. 

With newfound clarity about his status, he embarked on his inaugural European tour, captivating audiences in cities like Paris and his hometown of London.

During his time in the UK, 21 Savage capitalized on his cultural roots, filming the visually striking music video for his chart-topping track "Redrum." 

Yet, in a recent Instagram exchange, he shed light on the reason behind his earlier silence about his British heritage, sparking intrigue among his followers.
Amidst an unrelated discussion about Soulja Boy on Instagram, a fan raised doubts about 21 Savage's purported Atlanta background, insinuating that he had concealed his London upbringing until it suited his career. 

Swiftly responding to the accusation, the rapper offered a compelling justification for his previous secrecy. 
Why tf would I tell y'all I'm here illegally?

- 21 Savage

He retorted, prompting widespread agreement from fans who acknowledged the pragmatism in his approach. 

21 Savage Exposes the Reason Behind Concealing His British Roots:

In essence, 21 Savage's decision to withhold information about his immigration status was not a calculated ploy but a practical measure to safeguard himself in a precarious situation. 

His candid response reflects his authenticity as an artist navigating the complexities of fame and legality in the rap industry

As he continues to evolve both musically and personally, 21 Savage remains a symbol of resilience and honesty in the world of hip-hop.

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