Azealia Banks Slams Kendrick Lamar, Calling Him a 'Small, Fake G*ngsta Nepo Baby' Over YNW Melly Reference in 'Euphoria'

Azealia Banks Thinks Kendrick Lamar is a Nepo Baby After YNW Melly Reference in 'Euphoria'

Azealia Banks Criticizes Kendrick Lamar's "Euphoria" Diss Track in Scathing Instagram Rant
In the realm of hip-hop feuds, Azealia Banks is never one to shy away from sharing her opinions. 

Recently, the outspoken artist took to her Instagram Story to offer her thoughts on Kendrick Lamar's diss track aimed at Drake, titled "Euphoria." Banks didn't hold back, expressing her disdain for Lamar's lyrical efforts.

Responding to a Billboard post praising Lamar's response as "worth the wait," Banks vehemently disagreed. According to her, Lamar's comeback fell short of expectations. 
She didn't mince her words, criticizing Lamar's stature and even mocking his physical appearance. Banks made it clear that she wasn't impressed by what she perceived as "small, fake g*ngsta" vibes from Lamar.
No, it was not. Kendrick is still 4’9” and wears the same jean size as me. No one on earth cares about the feelings of small, fake g*ngsta nepo babies. @billboard y’all really are paid for. Even the tone and timbre of Kendrick’s voice is an ultimate defeat. Lol stop lying.

- Azealia Banks

But Banks didn't stop there. She also took aim at the production of the track, slamming the beat as "dumb trash" and criticizing the mixing quality. In her eyes, Drake emerged as the victor in the ongoing feud between the two rappers.
And that beat Kendrick is rapping on is dumb trash and the mix is muddy as hell. Quit the bullshit. Drake won. That’s it.

- Azealia Banks

However, Banks reserved some of her harshest critiques for specific lines within "Euphoria." She singled out a reference to YNW Melly, a rapper facing serious legal troubles for alleged involvement in a double homicide. 

Banks questioned the appropriateness of using Melly's name in a diss track, given the severity of his situation.
The YNW Melly line was weak. That kid is being tried in Florida for a double homicide with potential to receive the death penalty as punishment for his crime.

- Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks Takes Aim at Kendrick Lamar's "Euphoria" Diss Track:

Additionally, Banks addressed a line in which Lamar seemed to accuse Drake of sending a cease-and-desist letter. She accused Lamar of employing questionable tactics to suppress diss tracks from both Drake and J. Cole before releasing his own response.

Taking her criticism further, Banks suggested that Drake could pursue legal action against Lamar for perceived threats in his lyrics. 

She argued that rappers' words have been used as evidence in legal cases before, implying that Lamar's track could land him in hot water.

Finally, Banks took her grievances to her Instagram grid, where she doubled down on her criticisms of Lamar. She labeled him as "puny" and "unf***able," asserting that his status in the industry is primarily due to nepotism rather than talent.

The feud between Lamar and Drake has been simmering for years, with subtle jabs exchanged between the two artists. 

Lamar's "Euphoria" marked a more direct confrontation, sparking intense reactions from both fans and fellow artists like Azealia Banks. As tensions continue to escalate, it remains to be seen how this feud will unfold in the world of hip-hop.

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