Cassie Opens Up About Diddy Assault: 'I Will Always Be Recovering From My Past'

Cassie Shares Heartfelt Statement After Release of Diddy Footage, Urges Support for Assault Victims

Cassie's Resilient Response to Diddy Assault Footage Sparks Empowerment Conversation
In a heartfelt Instagram post, Cassie has bravely addressed the release of surveillance footage showing an assault by Diddy in 2016. 

While not directly naming Diddy or the video, Cassie expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support she has received from loved ones and strangers alike. 

She acknowledged that the outpouring of love has provided her with a sense of safety, marking the beginning of her journey toward healing from past trauma.
However, Cassie emphasized that domestic violence remains a pressing issue, one that had a profound impact on her own life. 

She candidly shared that the experience broke her down to a version of herself she never thought she would become. Despite the challenges, Cassie affirmed that she continues to work hard on her recovery journey.

In her statement, Cassie extended a hand to those who may still be living in fear, urging them to seek help and support. 

She praised those who take the issue of domestic violence seriously and emphasized the importance of assisting individuals who may find themselves in similar situations.

Cassie Breaks Silence on Diddy Assaults:

The response from Cassie comes after a lawyer representing her criticized Diddy's apology video, stating that it appeared disingenuous and was only made after his previous denials were proven false. 

The lawyer emphasized that actions speak louder than words and expressed skepticism regarding the sincerity of Diddy's apology. 

It's worth noting that Diddy did not directly mention Cassie in his apology video, where he took responsibility for his actions captured in the footage. 

Diddy Apologizes After 2016 Cassie Assault Video:

Cassie had previously filed a lawsuit against Diddy, alleging rape and abuse, which was later settled. 

As Cassie continues her journey of healing and empowerment, her courage in speaking out against domestic violence serves as a reminder of the importance of supporting survivors and advocating for change.

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