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Cassie’s Attorney Slams Diddy’s Apology Over 2016 Assault Video

Cassie's Legal Team Criticizes Diddy's Apology Video Over Assault Allegations: A Closer Look
Cassie's legal representatives are hitting back at Diddy's recent apology following the surfacing of a 2016 video showing him assaulting her. 

In a statement released on Sunday, Meredith Firetog, Cassie's lawyer, condemned Diddy's apology as self-serving and questioned its sincerity.

Firetog emphasized that Diddy's apology seemed more focused on himself than the harm he caused to others. 
She highlighted Diddy's previous denials of similar allegations and suggested that his recent change of heart was prompted by the undeniable evidence against him.

The criticism stems from Diddy's vehement denial of the allegations back in December, where he dismissed them as baseless attempts to extort money from him. 
Firetog pointed out the stark contrast between Diddy's earlier stance and his current apology, labeling it as disingenuous and driven by desperation.

Cassie’s Attorney Takes Issue with Diddy’s Apology:

In his apology video, Diddy admitted to hitting rock bottom during the 2016 incident and acknowledged seeking therapy and rehabilitation to address his issues. 

He expressed disgust with his past behavior but asserted that he was not making excuses for it. Instead, he claimed to be actively working on self-improvement every day. 

Diddy Apologizes After 2016 Cassie Assault Video Surfaces:

Cassie had previously accused Diddy of multiple assaults in a lawsuit, which he vehemently denied until they settled out of court. 

Despite the allegations and settlement, Diddy and Cassie continued their relationship following the 2016 incident.

Currently, Diddy finds himself under federal investigation, which he has characterized as a witch hunt. However, authorities in Los Angeles have confirmed that they are not pursuing a case regarding the 2016 assault allegations.

The fallout from Diddy's apology continues to unfold as Cassie's legal team remains steadfast in their criticism, raising questions about accountability and sincerity in the face of serious allegations.

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