Conor McGregor Shows Support for Eminem's "Houdini" After FaceTime with David Blaine

Conor McGregor Excited About Eminem's "Houdini" Following David Blaine Call

Eminem and Conor McGregor Collaborate on New Music Release
Eminem’s new music release this Friday has captured the attention of fans and celebrities alike, with UFC legend Conor McGregor being the latest to show support for the Detroit rap icon.

Less than a month ago, Eminem announced his upcoming 12th studio album, “The Death of Slim Shady (Coup De Grâce),” the follow-up to his 2020 project “Music to Be Murdered By.” 

He has now revealed that the album’s lead single, “Houdini,” is set to drop tomorrow. Despite some fans speculating it might be a full album, it is indeed just a single.
A few days ago, Eminem shared a teaser on social media with the caption, “Please do not try this at home. Or anywhere else.” 

In the video, Eminem FaceTimed with magician David Blaine, asking for his help with a stunt. “I was wondering, how far can we go with this magic? Like, can we do a stunt or something?” Eminem asked. Blaine then drank a glass of wine and bit off the rim of the glass. 

Eminem concluded the conversation by saying, “Well, for my last trick, I’m going to make my career disappear,” before ending the call.

Conor McGregor showed his support for Eminem by sharing the video clip on his Instagram story, indicating his excitement for the new release. McGregor’s endorsement adds to the buzz surrounding “Houdini.”

Conor McGregor Cheers on Eminem's Upcoming Single "Houdini"

Details about Eminem’s upcoming album are still scarce. “Houdini” will be the first glimpse into the new project, with a snippet of the track’s instrumental playing at the end of the teaser video shared on Eminem’s social media accounts.
Earlier this year, Dr. Dre, Eminem’s longtime collaborator and mentor, hinted at the new album during an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Dre mentioned that Eminem was working on new music and that he had contributed to several tracks on the album. Dre also revealed his anticipation for hearing the album in its entirety.

Eminem’s promotional efforts have generated significant anticipation among fans and the music community. 

With Conor McGregor’s public support and the intriguing collaboration with David Blaine, the excitement for “Houdini” and the forthcoming album continues to build.

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