Common Reveals Origin of Feud with Drake, Acknowledges Drake's Father's Role in Reconciliation

Common Reveals Drake's Dad's Key Role in Ending Their Beef

Common Reveals Drake Feud Origins & Resolution
Common recently shared insights into his past feud with Drake, shedding light on how it all began and how it eventually came to an end, with a surprising assist from Drake's father, Dennis Graham.

During a candid discussion on Drink Champs, the veteran rapper from Chicago delved into the roots of the conflict. 

According to Common, the feud ignited when Drake allegedly threw subtle jabs at him, prompting Common, as a competitor, to engage in verbal sparring with the Canadian artist. 
Complicating matters was the fact that both men had been romantically involved with tennis star Serena Williams, adding an extra layer of tension to their interactions.
I felt like Drake was sending me a couple of shots, subliminals. I don't know what motivated him to send me some shots, but I think what for sure had me... wars happen over women. That's just what it is.

- Common

Common recounted how he refrained from responding to Drake's indirect provocations until he heard Drake's verse on "Stay Schemin'," which prompted him to assert his presence in the rap game.
If you coming at me, you going to know who it is. I'm coming at you. I'm coming and it was great.

- Common

Common Unveils Origin of Drake Beef, Credits Drake's Father for Resolution:

However, despite the heated exchanges, the conflict took a surprising turn when Common and Drake crossed paths in person. 

It was then that Dennis Graham, Drake's father, intervened and encouraged the two artists to put aside their differences. 

Common emphasized the importance of respecting elders like Dennis Graham, acknowledging the wisdom in his advice.

The feud between Common and Drake first gained public attention in 2011 when Common released "Sweet," a track that was perceived as a critique of rappers who incorporate melodies and singing into their music. 

Drake responded with "Stay Schemin'," and the exchange of diss tracks fueled speculation about their animosity towards each other. However, by February 2012, Common declared that the beef was over, attributing it to the competitive spirit of hip-hop.
It's over. But it was all in the art of hip-hop. Thank God we were able to move forward from it, and all is good.

- Common

The resolution of the feud between Common and Drake serves as a testament to the power of communication and reconciliation within the hip-hop community. 

Despite their differences, both artists were able to set aside their egos and find common ground, ultimately reinforcing the notion that unity and collaboration are essential values in the world of rap music.

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