DDG Announces How Much He Charges for a Feature: $750K for the Song & $1 Million for the Video

DDG Reveals He Charges $750K for a Feature, $1M for a Video

DDG Reveals He Charges $750K for a Feature and $1M for a Music Video
On Monday, Michigan native DDG took to Instagram Stories to disclose his fees for guest appearances and music videos.

According to the rapper, a feature from him will set you back $750,000, while a music video collaboration comes with a hefty price tag of $1,000,000.

He clarified his rates in a playful Instagram Story post, writing over a screenshot of a DM, "Just in case y’all was wondering my feature price. I take Venmo & Apple Pay too."

DDG Sets Feature Price at $750,000, $1 Million with Video:

DDG has been making headlines lately, not just for his music but for a surprising revelation about his voice.

During a recent interaction with St. Louis rapper Sexyy Red, DDG accidentally let his real voice slip, revealing a deep, Barry White-esque tone.

This unexpected moment caught Sexyy Red off guard, causing her to laugh. DDG responded, "That's why I don't do that sh*t," highlighting how rare it is for him to use his natural vocal octave in public.

DDG Accidentally Revealed His Real Voice To Sexyy Red:

The revelation of his feature prices and the incident with Sexyy Red have kept DDG in the spotlight this week.

His candid approach to sharing his rates on social media aligns with his overall persona—direct, engaging, and always keeping his audience entertained.

DDG's rise in the rap scene has been marked by a series of successful singles and collaborations. His transparency about feature costs reflects a growing trend among artists who openly discuss their business dealings and financial expectations.

This level of openness helps to demystify the music industry and provides fans with a glimpse into the business side of rap.

The incident with Sexyy Red also adds an intriguing layer to DDG's public image. Fans are often curious about the personal quirks and hidden traits of their favorite artists.

By revealing his natural voice, albeit accidentally, DDG has given his audience another reason to connect with him on a more personal level. This kind of authenticity is rare in an industry that often emphasizes image over reality.

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