Akademiks Responds to Joe Budden's Criticism on Drake and Kendrick Lamar Reporting

Akademiks Refutes Joe Budden's Call to Cease Coverage of Drake and Kendrick Lamar: ''I listen to Kendrick like once a month. I listen to Drake every day''

DJ Akademiks Stands Firm on Drake Coverage Despite Joe Budden's Critique of Kendrick Lamar Bias

In the world of hip-hop media, DJ Akademiks is standing firm against criticism from fellow commentator Joe Budden and others who question his coverage of Drake and Kendrick Lamar.

On a recent episode of his podcast, Budden challenged Akademiks, suggesting that his focus on Drake may not be resonating as effectively as it once did. Budden remarked: 

"Good journalistic sh*t you was doing, but you gotta know that any Drake news coming from you is viewed through a different type of eye."

Akademiks responded with a fiery defense, pushing back against the narrative that Drake's influence is waning in favor of Kendrick Lamar's rise. Akademiks said: 

"I'm sorry, I listen to Kendrick like once a month. I listen to Drake every day."

DJ Akademiks Defends His Drake and Kendrick Lamar Coverage Against Joe Budden:

After sharing his passionate response on X (formerly Twitter), Akademiks faced a wave of mixed reactions from fans. 

Some supported his loyalty to Drake and his commitment to covering the ongoing feud with Kendrick Lamar, while others echoed Budden's sentiment about journalistic integrity and unbiased reporting. 

The debate highlights the polarizing effect of hip-hop rivalries and the role of media personalities like Akademiks in shaping public opinion. 

Despite criticisms, Akademiks remains unapologetic about his coverage choices, emphasizing the significance of Drake's ongoing relevance in the music industry. 

As the discourse continues within the hip-hop community, DJ Akademiks' stance reflects broader discussions about journalistic responsibility, media bias, and the evolving landscape of rap music. 

Whether discussing Drake's latest achievements or Kendrick Lamar's cultural impact, Akademiks remains a pivotal figure in keeping fans informed and engaged with the ongoing narratives in hip-hop.