Akademiks Begs Megan Thee Stallion Not to Engage with Eminem to Protect Her Career

Akademiks Warns Megan Thee Stallion Against Responding to Eminem for Career's Sake

DJ Akademiks Urges Megan Thee Stallion to Avoid Responding to Eminem's "Houdini"

In a recent livestream, DJ Akademiks shared his thoughts on Eminem's new single "Houdini," part of the upcoming album "The Death of Slim Shady (Coup De Grace)." 

The track includes lines about Megan Thee Stallion, sparking a notable reaction from Akademiks.

DJ Akademiks Urges Megan Thee Stallion to Avoid Responding to Eminem:

Eminem raps in the song:

If I was to ask for Megan Thee Stallion if she would collab with me / Would I really have a shot at a feat? (Ha!) / I don’t know, but I’m glad to be back, like Abra-abracadabra..

- Eminem

This line cleverly references the infamous incident where Megan Thee Stallion was shot, allegedly by Tory Lanez. 

Eminem employs a double entendre with "shot at her feet" and "shot at a feat" (short for feature), blending the literal and metaphorical meanings seamlessly.

During his livestream, Akademiks expressed his views on these lyrics. He remarked:

When Drake said it and other people have made mention to it, if you don’t believe Megan got shot, I think it’s a joke but if you do believe Meg got shot, for Eminem or Drake, to make a line about it, is f–ked up. Now, if you don’t believe she got shot, it’s like ‘I don’t believe you, I’m just rapping about something that you lied about or you were not necessary ruthful. It’s not necessary a diss.

- Akademiks

Akademiks then gave a strong warning to Megan Thee Stallion:

Meg, let me tell you this. Eminem is not Nicki Minaj. Do not respond back. If anything, you could comment on this in an interview but do not rap back. Please do not rap back. Please, please, please do not rap back. You would be more sympathized if you in an interview saying ‘yeah, I was going through a lot turmoil and pain. I was crying every night and here comes this white man wo don’t really rap. He just start rapping about getting shot in the foot as a joke.’ That will work more than you trying to rap back at Em. Because if you rap back at Em, it’s all fair game and we all know what Em is down for. Em is a ni–a who had bunch of classic moments. Classic man. You gotta realize this guys is the guy! This ni–a is the GOAT. Eminem will always be a legend. That ni–a introduced Stan as a f–king noun in hip-hop. Shout out to Em.

- Akademiks

The livestream highlighted Akademiks’ belief that a lyrical battle with Eminem could damage Megan's career, emphasizing the rapper's legendary status. 

His advice was clear: avoiding a direct rap confrontation with Eminem is the smarter move for Megan Thee Stallion.