Drake Calls Out Spotify for Alleged Fake Stream Certification on Kendrick Lamar's "Not Like Us"

Drake Alleges Spotify Faked Streams for Kendrick Lamar's "Not Like Us"

Drake's Online Jabs at Kendrick Lamar's Streaming Numbers Keep Feud Alive

Drake isn't ready to let his feud with Kendrick Lamar fade into history. While Kendrick celebrated his supposed victory with a music video and a West Coast party, Drake has taken a different route to keep the rivalry simmering. 

Instead of public celebrations, he's opted for subtle digs through Instagram stories, cryptic captions, and participation in online polls about their diss tracks. 

The latest twist in this ongoing saga unfolded during Trainwreckstv's Kick stream, where Drake dropped some veiled comments that set the internet abuzz. 

"Hey pragmatic, can we take it back to 2022?" he typed. "Can you backdoor Eddie like Spotify backdoored the streams for that one song from that one guy?"

Drake Accuses Spotify of Artificially Boosting Kendrick Lamar's "Not Like Us" Streams:

Many fans speculated that Drake was taking a swipe at Kendrick Lamar's "Not Like Us," a track that has been at the center of accusations from Drake's supporters, who claim it used bots to boost its streaming numbers. 

Despite these allegations, the Mustard-produced hit has also topped Apple Music charts, a platform considered less susceptible to such manipulations. 

While these theories remain speculative, it's likely both artists have benefited from artificial stream boosts, whether through their own actions or those of zealous fans.

The debate around fake streams and botting seems less relevant when considering the undeniable success both songs would have achieved naturally. 

The real issue remains the beef itself, which neither Drake nor Kendrick appears ready to leave behind. 

Drake recently released two summer anthems that even his harshest critics acknowledged as hits, yet it seems this isn't enough for him.

As Drake's actions and Kendrick's triumphs unfold, it's evident that this feud is far from over. 

Fans on both sides are left wondering about the next move in this high-stakes game. For now, the drama keeps the hip-hop community buzzing with anticipation. 

The big question remains: will Drake ever find satisfaction, or is this just another chapter in an ever-evolving rivalry?