Elliott Wilson Claims Drake Sent Rat Emoji, Accuses Him of Siding with Kendrick Lamar

Drake Believes Elliott Wilson Leaked Information to Kendrick Lamar Amid Feud

Elliott Wilson Reveals Drake Sent Rat Emoji Over Kendrick Lamar Feud

Elliott Wilson recently opened up about a tense exchange with Drake concerning the rapper's feud with Kendrick Lamar. 

During a guest appearance on the Joe Budden Podcast, Wilson, the founder of Rap Radar, disclosed that Drake accused him of being a "rat" in the midst of their beef.

Wilson recounted that while he was in Venice at the same time as Kendrick Lamar, he reached out to Drake to inquire about the release date of his Kendrick diss track "Family Matters." 

In response, Drake sent him a rat emoji, implying that Wilson was leaking information to Kendrick.

He sent me something, but I can't say what he sent me because if I tell you what he sent me, it reflects what he sent me.

- Elliott Wilson

He elaborated, revealing the subtle accusation through the emoji. According to Wilson, Drake's suspicion likely arose from their coincidental presence in Venice.

I think he started to think like Kendrick's in Venice, you're in Venice, like he started to view it like I'm just really against him. So when he dropped 'Family Matters,' it was just like I was like, 'Yo, you dropping this tonight?' He hit me back like, 'Yeah, yeah, whatever LOL,' and then he sent me a rat emoji.

- Elliott Wilson

Elliott Wilson Reveals Drake's Rat Emoji Accusation Over Kendrick Lamar Beef:

Wilson addressed the situation on Saturday by replying to a tweet that highlighted his discussion with Budden, posting a cap emoji followed by "a tat tat." 

This response seemed to indicate that Wilson found Drake's accusation unfounded.

This isn't the first time Drake and Wilson have had a public disagreement. 

Last summer, Drake criticized Wilson after the journalist made a comment about Drake's "comedy shenanigans with outsiders to our culture."

The friction between Drake and Wilson underscores the complex relationships within the hip-hop community, where allegiances and perceptions can significantly impact interactions. 

As a prominent figure in hip-hop journalism, Wilson's dealings with top-tier artists like Drake illustrate the fine line between media and the subjects they cover.

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