Watch Trailer: Eminem Teases New Single "Tobey" Featuring Big Sean & BabyTron Dropping July 2nd

Eminem Announces Collaborative Single "Tobey" with Big Sean & BabyTron: Coming July 2nd

Eminem Teases "Tobey" Single with Big Sean & BabyTron, Sets Stage for Album Drop

Eminem is gearing up to make a monumental return to the rap scene with his upcoming album, "The Death Of Slim Shady (Coup De Grâce)," and fans are buzzing with anticipation. 

The Detroit rap icon recently announced the next phase of his album rollout with an intriguing teaser—a short, blood-splattered visual clip hinting at his new single "Tobey." 

What's more, this track promises to feature not just one, but two other heavyweight Detroit rappers: Big Sean and BabyTron.

Eminem Teams Up with Big Sean & BabyTron for New Single "Tobey" Dropping July 2nd:

In the teaser, which dropped on Friday, June 28, Eminem gives a taste of what's to come with a snippet that captures the eerie essence of the upcoming release.
"Tobey Maguire got bit by a spider, but see, me? It was a goat,"

Raps BabyTron, adding to the mystique surrounding the collaboration. 

Tobey Maguire, known for his role as Spider-Man, serves as a metaphorical nod in the lyrics, highlighting the transformative power of Eminem's influence in the rap game.

The prospect of Eminem teaming up with Big Sean and BabyTron has ignited excitement among fans and industry insiders alike. 

While Eminem and Big Sean have crossed paths before on collaborative efforts, BabyTron's inclusion adds a fresh dynamic to the mix. 

The Detroit trio's collaboration promises not only lyrical prowess but also a gritty, authentic Detroit sound that fans have come to expect and love.

Speculation is rife about what direction "Tobey" will take musically. 

Eminem's ability to seamlessly blend storytelling with intricate wordplay, coupled with Big Sean's trademark flow and BabyTron's raw energy, suggests a track that will resonate deeply with hip-hop enthusiasts. 

With Eminem at the helm, known for his knack for surprise and innovation, fans are eagerly anticipating how "Tobey" will unfold.