Kendrick Lamar's Alleged Friend Hits Back at The Game's Explanation for Missing "The Pop Out"

Kendrick Lamar's Friend Addresses The Game’s Lengthy Explanation for Missing "The Pop Out" Concert

Kendrick Lamar's Friend Reacts to The Game's Absence from Pop Out Concert

In the aftermath of Kendrick Lamar's recent "Pop Out - Ken & Friends" concert in Los Angeles, a close associate of the rapper has broken silence on social media regarding The Game's absence from the event. 

The undisclosed friend, known by the handle "rosecrans.moneyelway," took to Instagram to address the situation, highlighting the careful choice of words in response to The Game's claims of not receiving an invitation.

An IG story shared on X (formerly Twitter), revealing insights from Kendrick Lamar's circle. 

According to the post, the friend emphasized maintaining respect for their mutual acquaintances, hinting at potential repercussions for any disrespect shown publicly. 

The friend's statement alluded to a hypothetical scenario where The Game could find himself in an embarrassing situation akin to Martin after his infamous bout with Thomas Hearns. 

Kendrick Lamar's Close Friend Reacts to The Game’s Statement on Missing "The Pop Out"

In his lengthy video addressing the absence, The Game cited industry politics as a reason for not attending the concert. 

He avoided specifics but expressed his admiration for the event, considering it a significant moment in hip-hop culture. 

Regarding his relationship with Drake, The Game clarified that despite any industry nuances, his loyalty remains with those who reciprocate it. 

Known for his collaborations with both Kendrick Lamar and Drake over the years, The Game's absence stirred conversations within the hip-hop community. 

His recent feud with Rick Ross, involving Drake and Lamar, added fuel to the ongoing discourse about alliances and rivalries in the industry. 

Meanwhile, Kendrick Lamar himself has been active post-concert, appearing in Compton for the filming of his music video "Not Like Us" on Saturday. 

The filming attracted a slew of celebrities, once again underscoring Lamar's influence and draw within the entertainment industry. 

As discussions continue around The Game's absence and the dynamics within the rap scene, Kendrick Lamar remains focused on his creative endeavors. 

His ongoing presence in the spotlight ensures that his music and public appearances will continue to captivate fans and industry insiders alike.