Kevin Hart Teases Kai Cenat Using Kendrick Lamar's '69 God' Drake Diss Remix

Kevin Hart Roasts Kai Cenat with Kendrick Lamar’s "69 God" Remix

Kevin Hart Roasts Kai Cenat With Kendrick Lamar Remix During Epic Sleepover Stream

Kevin Hart, Kai Cenat, and Druski came together for an unforgettable evening on Monday, hosting one of Cenat’s popular sleepover streams. 

This event was a tremendous success, attracting a staggering 721,000 viewers at its peak. 

The combination of these three entertainers, each representing different generations of the entertainment industry, resulted in a dynamic and engaging stream that resonated with a wide audience. 

The night was filled with non-stop laughter and memorable highlights. As previously reported, Hart, Druski, and Cenat bravely attempted the infamous Hot Chip Challenge, although none managed to complete it. 

This challenge was just one of many antics that kept viewers hooked throughout the stream. A standout moment came when Kevin Hart began freestyling to Kendrick Lamar’s "Not Like Us." 

During his freestyle, Hart humorously roasted Kai Cenat by remixing the notorious "69 God" line, much to Druski’s amusement. This playful jab might not sit well with their mutual friend, Drake.

Watch: Kevin Hart Mocks Kai Cenat with Remix of Kendrick Lamar's "69 God" Drake Diss

Numerous clips from the stream quickly went viral, unsurprisingly given the massive followings of Cenat, Druski, and Hart. 

Fans from all corners of the entertainment world tuned in, eager to see the interaction between these three influential figures. 

Cenat’s sleepover streams are well-known for their spontaneous and entertaining moments, and this one was no exception. 

The addition of Kevin Hart and Druski elevated the event, demonstrating the powerful appeal of collaboration in the digital age. 

The trio’s natural chemistry and genuine enjoyment were evident, making the stream a standout. 

This stream has set a new standard for future digital events and collaborations in the entertainment industry.

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