Kendrick Lamar Praised by XXXTENTACION's Father for Career Support and Encouragement

XXXTENTACION's Father Appreciates Kendrick Lamar's Support of X's Career

XXXTENTACION’s Father Praises Kendrick Lamar for Supporting Son's Career

Kendrick Lamar's admiration for XXXTENTACION's music was evident even before the young rapper's untimely death, and this support is something that XXXTENTACION's family cherishes deeply. 

Recently, the late Florida rapper's father, Dwayne Onfroy, posted a heartfelt video expressing gratitude to Kendrick Lamar for his unwavering support of his son's career, particularly highlighting Lamar's shout-out for XXXTENTACION's 2017 project, "17."

In his emotional message, Dwayne Onfroy acknowledged the complexities surrounding both artists, including XXXTENTACION's history of domestic abuse allegations and similar, albeit unverified, accusations against Kendrick Lamar. 

Despite this darker context, Onfroy emphasized the importance of recognizing Lamar's positive influence and support for his son's music career.

XXXTENTACION's father Onfroy began in his video message:

"Special big-up, shoutout goes to Kendrick Lamar. Yeah, powerful king, powerful, powerful. My name is Dwayne Onfroy, father of rapper known as XXXTENTACION. I just want to say, first off all, thank you for giving my son a platform when he was an unknown artist. On his first single. You gave him a shoutout when his album released. You stepped up to the plate for him when a lot of people just stood by and stood back. And Spotify had him under pressure, wasn't even attempting to play songs. Real king. I'll always respect you for that, always. California was my home, still love Cali. You understand? Kendrick Lamar: salute, salute, salute. Real yute. Much, much respect, brother."

XXXTENTACION's Father Acknowledges Kendrick Lamar's Role in X's Career:

Onfroy's gratitude underscores the impact Kendrick Lamar had on XXXTENTACION's early career. 

By publicly endorsing his music, Lamar provided a significant boost to the then-unknown artist, helping him gain recognition and momentum in the competitive rap industry. 

This support came at a time when XXXTENTACION faced significant challenges, including being under scrutiny by major platforms like Spotify.

Despite the controversies that have surrounded both artists, Onfroy's message highlights the importance of mentorship and support within the hip-hop community. 

Kendrick Lamar's willingness to stand by XXXTENTACION during a turbulent time exemplifies the solidarity and respect that can exist among artists, even in the face of adversity.

As the hip-hop world continues to evolve, stories like this remind us of the power of influence and the lasting impact that established artists can have on emerging talents. 

Dwayne Onfroy's tribute to Kendrick Lamar serves as a poignant reminder of the bonds that tie the rap community together, fostering growth, resilience, and mutual respect.