Adam22 Defends Controversial Interview with Pop Smoke's Alleged K*ller

Adam22 Addresses Backlash Over Viral Interview with Pop Smoke's Accused K*ller

Adam22 Defends Controversial Interview with Pop Smoke’s Alleged K*ller, Blockstar

Adam22 has recently faced significant backlash for his decision to interview Blockstar, the alleged k*ller of Pop Smoke, on No Jumper. The internet's reaction was swift and unforgiving, with many criticizing Adam for giving a platform to someone involved in such a tragic incident. Blockstar, who was recently released from juvenile detention, shared his thoughts on his sentence and the circumstances surrounding Pop Smoke's death, sparking widespread debate online.

In response to the criticism, Adam22 released a video addressing the controversy and explaining his motives for the interview. 

He emphasized that his decision was not made out of disregard for Pop Smoke or his loved ones but rather to provide an important historical account of the incident.

"I didn't do that interview because I don't care. That's what a lot of people seem to think. 'Adam just doesn't give a f**k.' That's not the case at all. I did that interview because I thought it was an important historical record of somebody involved in one of the most tragic, insane stories in rap history. I knew Pop Smoke, I was texting him for probably a year. We spoke on camera for a couple minutes for Rolling Loud in 2019, like, a few months before he passed. I have a huge amount of respect for him. I'm not ignorant to what a gigantic impact he had on New York City. I have nothing but respect for him, and definitely didn't want to enrage his friends or family."

Adam22 Fires Back at Critics Over Interview with Pop Smoke's Alleged M*rderer:

Adam22 further explained that his goal was to explore the mindset of someone capable of committing such a crime.

"By having this conversation, people can really understand what goes through the mind of somebody who's capable of doing something like that I think if you watch the interview, it's pretty obvious that I wasn't glamorizing it and that I was trying to have the tough conversation with him that I thought this situation warranted. A lot of people seem to think I'm the first person who's ever interviewed a k*ller, which is completely not true. [...] Pop Smoke, famous rapper."

Addressing comparisons to other interviews with controversial figures, Adam22 pointed out that he's not the first to interview someone with a criminal past.Adam22 concluded by emphasizing the importance of the interview.

"The truth is that [these interviews] correct the record for a lot of people and let them know how these situations really went down, I also think that the Blockstar interview about Pop Smoke was important for that reason, too. [...] So to me, it was important to have that. I knew at that time that he was going to do the interview with somebody else if I didn't do it."

Despite the mixed reactions, Adam22 stands by his decision, believing that such interviews contribute to a broader understanding of significant events in the hip-hop community. 

His intent was to create a dialogue that could offer valuable lessons and insights, even if it meant facing criticism for his approach.