Argentina Trolls Drake With Kendrick's 'Not Like Us' After He Loses $300,000 Bet On Canada

Drake Trolled by Argentina Team After Betting Against Them in Copa América With Kendrick's 'Not Like Us'

Drake Trolled by Argentina Soccer Team Over $300K Bet Loss

Drake recently experienced a tough loss when the Argentinian soccer team trolled him following their victory over Canada in the Copa América semifinals.

Argentina secured a 2-0 win against Canada with goals from Julián Álvarez and Lionel Messi. To celebrate, Argentina's social media team took to X (formerly Twitter) and posted: “Not like us, not with us,” a nod to Kendrick Lamars hit diss track.

Drake Loses Bet on Canada, Gets Trolled by Argentina’s Soccer Team:

Adding to the sting, they shared a photo of the team celebrating with the words “Not like us” displayed prominently. 

This jab was particularly sharp as it referenced Kendrick's famous diss track, adding salt to Drake's wound.

But the trolling didn't stop there. Drake had placed a hefty $300,000 bet on Canada to defeat the reigning World Cup champions. 

Unfortunately for him, the bet didn’t pay off, adding a financial loss to his emotional one. Drake had revealed his high-stakes bet before the game, hoping Canada would pull off an upset.

Drake hasn't responded to Argentina's taunt yet, but he's no stranger to losing large bets. This isn't the first time the rapper has faced a big financial setback from his gambling ventures. 

Despite the heavy loss, Drake remains a high-profile figure in the music industry and continues to take risks, both on and off the stage.

In the world of hip-hop, Drake’s losses are often public and scrutinized, but they also show his willingness to take risks and his resilience in bouncing back. 

His fans know that while this loss stings, Drake is likely to come back stronger, both in his music and in his future bets.

Meanwhile, Argentina's victory and their subsequent trolling of Drake add an interesting chapter to the ongoing rivalry between sports and music stars. 

The intersection of these worlds often leads to unexpected moments like this, capturing the attention of fans from both arenas.

As the dust settles, all eyes will be on Drake to see how he responds to this latest challenge, both from a financial perspective and in terms of his reputation. 

Whether he addresses it directly or lets his future successes speak for themselves, one thing is certain: Drake is a resilient figure who won't be easily deterred.