Doja Cat's X Account Hacked, Hackers Diss Iggy Azalea

Doja Cat’s X Account Under Attack, Iggy Azalea Targeted by Hackers

Doja Cat's X Account Hacked, Sparks Controversy with Iggy Azalea Diss

Doja Cat's formerly known as Twitter account fell victim to hackers on Monday, who took the opportunity to stir up controversy by targeting Iggy Azalea

The incident began with unusual posts surfacing on the California artist's X account, one notably including a dig at Iggy while promoting a meme coin.

As the tweets gained traction, it became evident to followers, including Iggy Azalea herself, that the posts were not from Doja Cat. 

Iggy responded on her own social media, asserting that she knew Doja personally and that the posts did not align with her real-life interactions.

"Hackers on celeb girl accounts again making it about me cause I’m their fixation but they didn’t consider the fact that I may actually interact w ppl in real life and it’s not fitting into reality lol"

Iggy tweeted. She further addressed the situation, making it clear that such tactics wouldn't disrupt her relationship with Doja Cat.

In response to the hack, Doja Cat took to her Instagram Story to confirm the breach, reassuring fans that the tweets did not originate from her. 

Instances of rappers claiming their accounts were hacked are not uncommon in the industry. 

Hackers Take Over Doja Cat’s X Account, Take Aim at Iggy Azalea:

The hacking incident involving Doja Cat's account highlights ongoing cybersecurity challenges faced by celebrities, where malicious actors exploit social media platforms to spread misinformation or provoke controversies. 

Despite the temporary disruption, Doja Cat and Iggy Azalea's public acknowledgment of the situation underscores the importance of verifying information shared on social media.

As Doja Cat's team works to secure her X account and address the fallout from the unauthorized posts, the incident serves as a reminder of the vulnerability of high-profile individuals to cyber threats in the digital age. 

Fans and followers continue to monitor developments while hoping for a swift resolution and a return to normalcy for Doja Cat's online presence.