Julio Foolio’s Hacked IG Account Reacts to Alleged K*ller's Leaked Picture

Foolio’s IG Comments ‘Demi God’ on Leaked Photo of Alleged K*ller

Foolio’s Active Instagram Sparks Debate After His Tragic Death

The saga of Foolio continues to unravel. The rapper was tragically sh*t and k*lled on June 23 in Tampa, Florida. 

His long-time rival, Yungeen Ace, has released two diss tracks since the sh**ting, intensifying the tension. 

Adding to the strangeness, Foolio’s Instagram account remains active, posting videos and commenting on Yungeen Ace’s tracks. 

The account went silent over the weekend but re-emerged with a vengeance on July 2.

A blurry photo of Foolio’s alleged k*ller surfaced online, shared by the account Riemoh. 

Despite the unclear image, Foolio’s account commented “Demi God” with a purple demon emoji. While it might seem cryptic out of context, “Demi God” was a phrase Foolio often used when he was alive. 

Foolio's Hacked Instagram Reacts to Alleged K*ller's Photo Leak:

 The activity on Foolio’s social media raises questions about who controls his account. Some fans speculate that the police have taken over the account to gather information on the case. 

Others believe that Foolio’s mother might be managing his social media, though the cryptic nature of the posts suggests otherwise. In the wake of her son’s death, Foolio’s mother released a heartfelt public statement. 

She announced plans to create a documentary about Foolio’s life, aiming to honor his legacy and share his story with the world. The continued activity on Foolio’s Instagram and the release of diss tracks by Yungeen Ace have kept the rapper’s name in the headlines, but have also complicated the mourning process for fans and loved ones. 

The situation remains tense and enigmatic, with the true story behind the social media activity and the identity of Foolio’s k*ller still shrouded in mystery. 

As the hip-hop community waits for more information, Foolio’s legacy continues to be a topic of intense discussion and speculation, highlighting the ongoing struggles and conflicts within the genre.