Watch: Foolio's Family and Friends Dance to Yungeen Ace Diss Track at Funeral

Watch: Family and Friends Dance to Foolio's Yungeen Ace Diss at Funeral

Julio Foolio's Instagram Activity Sparks Outrage Following His Funeral

Julio Foolio's untimely death at 26 has sent shockwaves through the hip-hop community. 

The Jacksonville rapper was fatally sh*t at his birthday party last month, leaving fans and friends reeling from the tragic news. 

However, the grief has been compounded by the perplexing activity on Foolio's Instagram account, which has been unusually active since his passing.

Fans have noticed a series of bizarre posts on Foolio's Instagram, including promotional videos and cryptic messages that seem to hint at supernatural themes, even comparing the late rapper to a "demi-God." 

This has led many to speculate that the account might have been hacked, as it's hard to believe that these posts are coming from Foolio's close circle.

Adding to the confusion, a recent Instagram Story shared footage from Foolio's funeral, held in Jacksonville. 

The video depicted his friends and family dancing and singing along to "When I See You," Foolio's infamous diss track aimed at Yungeen Ace. The choice of song struck many as odd, given its aggressive lyrics and the circumstances of Foolio's death.

Family Honors Foolio by Singing Yungeen Ace Diss Track:

The diss track "When I See You" references the 2018 m*rder of Yungeen Ace's brother and two associates following a birthday party. 

Considering Foolio was k*lled in a similar setting, the song's presence at his funeral was unsettling for many fans. Social media was abuzz with reactions, some expressing disbelief and others criticizing the insensitivity of the situation.

In an even stranger twist, the account hinted that the funeral might have been staged for a music video. 

"Funeral?? Or the best music video coming soon," one post read, sparking outrage and further speculation. Another post declared, "I'm still standing!!!!" and suggested that "the truth will come out" when the time is right, fueling baseless rumors that Foolio might have faked his death.

These developments have left fans and the hip-hop community divided. While some see these actions as part of Foolio's enigmatic persona, others are calling for respect and decency in the wake of his death. 

The posts have led to a broader conversation about the ethics of handling social media accounts posthumously, with many urging for a respectful approach to preserve the late rapper's legacy.