Rick Ross Reacts to Drake Calling His Baby Mama Tia Kemp "My Goat"

Rick Ross Responds to Drake's Praise of His Baby Mama Tia Kemp, Criticizes Drake and Calls His Baby Mama 'Granny'

Rick Ross Fires Back at Drake and Tia Kemp in Ongoing Feud

Rick Ross Continues Feud with Drake and Baby Mama Tia Kemp. The ongoing feud between Rick Ross and Drake shows no signs of cooling down, even as the larger beef appears to have settled. 

Recently, Ross's baby mama, Tia Kemp, escalated tensions by releasing a diss track over Ross's own "Hustlin'" beat. 

She also took shots at Ross following an incident where he was confronted for playing Kendrick Lamar's "Not Like Us" at a Canadian show. 

However, it was Kemp's Instagram comment on July 1 that sparked the latest round of exchanges.

Rick Ross Calls Out Drake Over Tia Kemp's GOAT Label:

Drake shared a photo on Instagram, and Kemp wasted no time in showering him with praise. 

Drake, known for his subtle digs, responded by referring to Kemp as "my goat," a move that clearly didn't sit well with Rick Ross. 

In response, Ross tagged Drake and delivered a blunt insult: "p*do vs. granny," aimed at both Drake and Tia Kemp. 

This exchange marks another chapter in the ongoing social media battles between Ross and Kemp, including a heated dispute over child support payments just last month.

This latest spat underscores the enduring animosity between Rick Ross and Drake, with social media serving as their battleground. 

The feud, which has spanned years, continues to capture the attention of fans and industry insiders alike, showcasing the power dynamics and personal conflicts that often characterize the world of hip-hop.