50 Cent and Bobby Shmurda Mock Rick Ross for Getting Jumped by Drake Fans in Canada

50 Cent, Bobby Shmurda Roast Rick Ross for Avoiding Fight with Drake's Crew

50 Cent and Bobby Shmurda Mock Rick Ross Following Attack in Canada

50 Cent never misses an opportunity to share his thoughts, especially when it involves a rival like Rick Ross

This weekend, Ross was involved in an incident in Canada where he was confronted after playing Kendrick Lamar’s diss track "Not Like Us" at a festival.

50 Cent took to X to share his reaction. In the video, he initially seemed to take the situation seriously, referring to it as "a very unfortunate situation." But as the video progressed, 50 couldn't help but laugh at the incident.

"I just saw a very unfortunate situation that took place in Canada. I wanted to say to everyone, you know, that I hope that that brother made it home safely. I hope that he now has a different perspective and a better sense of what to do and what not to do while you’re out in the world. That part where the young guy, he did this little move and shit and he got knocked the fuck out right there, that does not reflect him. That reflects his camp and he might need to go get the Dreamchasers or, um, the 305 Killers."

Rick Ross Clowned by 50 Cent After Drake Fans Attack in Canada:

Meanwhile, Bobby Shmurda also found humor in the situation. Shmurda, who has served significant time in prison and has a different kind of street credibility compared to Ross, laughed at what happened to Ross and his crew in Vancouver. 

His amusement was evident, given Ross's background as a former corrections officer.

Bobby Shmurda Joins 50 Cent in Mocking Rick Ross Over Vancouver Scuffle:

The incident with Rick Ross has stirred up quite a bit of discussion online. It occurred after Ross played Kendrick Lamar’s diss track "Not Like Us" during his performance at a festival in Canada. 

The song, which contains accusations against Drake, seemed to provoke a strong reaction from some attendees. 

Following his performance, a group of men confronted Ross, leading to a heated exchange and an eventual physical altercation.

Ross managed to avoid most of the fight after being initially punched, but his entourage wasn't as lucky. 

Several of his team members were beaten up, and one was left unconscious on the ground, requiring assistance to leave the scene.