The Game Slams Rick Ross for Taunting Him About Possible Home Seizure: 'You still gone be a fat'

The Game Blasts Rick Ross for Trolling Him About Alleged Home Loss Home Seizure

The Game Responds to Rick Ross's Mockery Over Potential Home Loss

The ongoing feud between Rick Ross and The Game has escalated once again. 

On Wednesday (July 10), Rick Ross took to Instagram to mock The Game, following reports that the west coast rapper might lose his home to pay off a $7 million judgment to Priscilla Rainey. 

Rainey's lawsuit, which dates back to 2015, stems from allegations of se*ual battery against The Game. 

In response to the AllHipHop article detailing the potential home seizure, Ross shared a GIF of a man dancing provocatively with a money gun, taking delight in The Game's predicament.

Unsurprisingly, The Game did not take kindly to Ross' taunting. He retaliated by posting a screenshot on his Instagram Story of a direct message he sent to Ross, accompanied by a caption that read:

"Since we @'n nias, here you go b*ch!"

In the DM, The Game insulted Ross' weight, writing:

"Even if I lost my house, which I'm not... you still gonna be a fat b*ch ni**a!!!!! That Ozempic gone kill you before the Twinkies do he as ni**a."

Ross, known for his quick responses, seemingly fired back with a cryptic video on his Instagram Story.

"One thing, man, if your money ain’t right, man, you gotta plan years and years and years and years and years ahead, That’s why you hustle, right? You hustle hard, you hustle wise. Can’t be an emotional square lame ni**a ‘cause ni**as is gonna sit back and toast. Toast! I mean they can’t wait to toast to your demise."

The Game Responds Fiercely to Rick Ross's Mockery of Home Seizure Reports:

According to AllHipHop, Priscilla Rainey alleges that The Game transferred the deed of the home to Wack to avoid her seizure efforts. 

The Game currently owes Rainey $7 million after she sued him in August 2015, claiming he se*ually assaulted her during an after-hours date for his VH1 reality show, "She Got Game."

Despite the 2016 judgment, The Game has steadfastly denied the allegations and vowed never to pay Rainey. In 2022, Rainey reportedly hired a private investigator to help collect the judgment.

The Game and Rick Ross have had a turbulent history, with tensions flaring as recently as May when The Game dissed Ross on his track "Freeway's Revenge." 

This latest exchange of insults only adds fuel to their ongoing feud, showing no signs of resolution anytime soon. 

The hip-hop community watches closely as these two heavyweights continue their public spat, highlighting the often volatile and personal nature of rap beefs.