Yungeen Ace Cleared of G*n Charges Amid Allegations of Ordering Hit on Foolio

G*n Charges Dropped Against Yungeen Ace as Foolio's Alleged K*ller Points Fingers

Yungeen Ace Avoids Gun Charges While Facing Accusations from Foolio's Alleged Killer

Yungeen Ace is clearing up some legal troubles even as new allegations arise. 

According to Action News Jax, prosecutors dropped the gun charges against the rapper on July 3. 

These charges were from an April arrest earlier this year, but with the Foolio situation intensifying, the timing couldn't be worse.

Prosecutors noted:

"E-Traces were completed for the firearms but provided no evidence to associate the firearms with Bullard, Bullard’s phone was recovered, but after review, a search warrant was not sought. [...] Bullard’s DNA was taken pursuant to a search warrant and was compared against the firearms, but [the Florida Department of Law Enforcement] reported that the firearms failed to demonstrate a sufficient amount of DNA for processing."

While this clears one issue for Yungeen Ace, he now faces serious accusations related to Foolio. 

An alleged killer of Foolio recently claimed that Ace paid him $10K to carry out the hit. The anonymous individual took to social media to make the bold claim, stating:

"On everything I love, on the dead homies, I put it on everything, on my soul, on my kid: I’m the one that smacked Julio Foolio that night when he got dropped at his birthday celebration. I ain’t gonna show my face or give my identity away or nothing like that, but you know, I did that. There was money on his head."

Jacksonville rapper admits to sh**ting Foolio because Yungeen Ace put $10k on his head:

This situation adds another layer of complexity to Yungeen Ace's life. Although he's managed to dodge the recent gun charges, the accusation from Foolio’s alleged killer has fans and the hip-hop community buzzing. 

The claims have yet to be substantiated, but the attention they’ve garnered is significant.

Yungeen Ace has been a prominent figure in the hip-hop scene, and these legal troubles highlight the turbulent nature of his career. 

As he continues to make music and perform, these controversies seem to follow him, adding fuel to ongoing feuds and rivalries. 

The latest developments are sure to impact his public image and possibly his legal standing moving forward.