The Most Biggest Beefs And Feuds In Hip-Hop History: PART 2


The Most Biggest Beefs And Feuds In Hip-Hop History: PART  2

 Trippie Redd vs. Tekashi 6ix9ine :

Tekashi 6ix9ine, a living troll doll turned star witness, has feuded with numerous members of the esteemed rap establishment, including YG, Meek Mill, Rich the Kid, Chief Keef, and Future. He also got into an argument with Trippie Redd.

n 2017, the duo teamed up on a song called "Poles1469." Soon after, Redd learned of accusations that 6ix9ine had sexually assaulted a minor. He immediately condemned the rainbow-haired rapper, and the two exchanged insults on social media. Redd was attacked in New York City later that year. 

He pointed the finger at 6ix9ine, who eagerly embraced the allegations the following year, 6ix9ine was attacked in Los Angeles, and he accused Redd of being a pedophile as well because of his relationship with vulgar child Bhad Bhabie. When 6ix9ine was imprisoned in November 2018, Redd rejoiced on social media.

Given 6ix9ine's unique ability to turn beef into social media clout, this feud is far from over.

The Most Biggest Beefs And Feuds In Hip-Hop History: PART  2


It took many years for Drake and Pusha T's feud to reach ahead. The rappers traded subtle jabs during the latter's feud with Lil Wayne, but it wasn't until Pusha dropped "H.G.T.V." that the animosity became clear. Drake responded with "Two Birds, One Stone" in 2017, and Pusha fell in line with "Infrared" the following year. Drake, perhaps unwisely, released "Duppy Freestyle" a few days later. It was a massive reaction that temporarily boosted the Canadian's feuding credibility, but it did nothing to soften the impact of Pusha's unforgettable comeback.

"The Story of Adidon" is one of the most scathing and ruthless diss tracks of the last decade: it revealed Drake's secret lovechild; the cover art features Drake in blackface; and it even included scathing shots at Drake's long-time collaborator, 40, who suffers from multiple sclerosis.

Pusha recently appeared to be attacking Drake on a leaked Pop Smoke track. Young Thug, who also showed up on the track, was frustrated with Pusha for reigniting the beef on a song by the recently deceased New York rapper. He took to Instagram to express his displeasure, and Pusha responded immediately. This feud is still roiling the rap world. 

The Most Biggest Beefs And Feuds In Hip-Hop History: PART  2


Is there a rapper alive today who is more dangerous than Gucci Mane? Sure, his ultra-fit reputation since his release from jail is mostly about positive vibes and sobriety, but consider the fact that this is the same man who fought off four intruders in his home while naked, murdering one of them. 

The murder charges were dropped after prosecutors acknowledged that he acted in self-defense. Gucci killed Pookie Loc, a Young Jeezy friend who is also a budding Atlanta rapper

Jeezy and Gucci were embroiled in a high-stakes legal battle over royalties from their track "Icy" in 2005. The murder should really have put a stop to the feud, but the artists continued to trade lyrical jabs until DJ Drama struck an uneasy peace in 2009. Three years later, the conflict between Jeezy and Rick Ross erupted once more. Let's hope this beef never reaches the levels seen in the mid-2000s.

The Most Biggest Beefs And Feuds In Hip-Hop History: PART  2


In an interview, French Montana stated that if the two ever shared a festival stage, he might outshine Kendrick Lamar. This is a doubtful claim. Later, he emphasized on Twitter that he wasn't criticizing the L.A. wordsmith; he simply claimed he had more hits. He doesn't have any. 

When Kendrick didn't react, Young Thug stepped in to speak for him. In a series of videos, he slammed French on Instagram. Thug wore a flowing blue gown on the cover of his 2016 mixtape, Jeffery, and French retaliated with an image of him in a dress, a strange retort since Thug wore a flowing blue gown on the cover of his 2016 mixtape.

For several days, Thug and French traded shots. On behalf of his regular collaborator and fellow Atlantan, Gunna spoke up. French advised that Thug concentrate on his feud with 21 Savage, which Thug claims does not exist.

Kendrick stayed deafeningly silent throughout.

The Most Biggest Beefs And Feuds In Hip-Hop History: PART  2


This was the conflict that erupted in trailer parks across the country, a raging feud that pitted folks who bleached their hair 20 years ago against those who bleach it today.

It all started when Eminem, America's only retired whining kid, dissed Cleveland rap waif Machine Gun Kelly on the song "Not Alike" off his album Kamikaze. It began unofficially six years ago, in 2012, when Kelly tweeted that Eminem's daughter was attractive.

"Rap Devil," Kelly's reply, indicated, perhaps accurately, that Eminem is old and uncool. Kelly was untalented and incapable of matching Em's success, according to Em's almost instantaneous reply, "Killshot." This is most likely correct.
Until last year, when Young Thug claimed on Instagram that Kelly had "murdered" Em, no one knew who had won the feud. The case is now closed.

The Most Biggest Beefs And Feuds In Hip-Hop History: PART  2

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