Drake Gets Owl Design Braided Into His Hair - WhatsOnRap

drake ovo owl haircut

Drake's hair and design decisions continue to make headlines, and the recent change in haircut for the OVO head honcho may be his most spectacular yet.

Drake's hairstylist Bri Marie uploaded a video of the latest braid design she did for Champagne Papi on Tuesday night. Drake is seen in the video seated in the stylist seat, his hair freshly freaked. 

He has an owl head braided into his hair, complete with two gold hoops to represent the animal's eyes. The eye-catching design, of course, is based on the mascot for OVO, the Canadian rap artist's record label. Bri complimented on her most recent masterpiece in the caption.

"I already hear y’all now lol 'Drake Got an Owl Braided in his head,'" she wrote. "'OVO' It’s only right to make this a reality. I’d be lying if I say I don’t shock myself. TIME AND TIME Again. God thank you, you’ve truly blessed me; but, I know this is your plan."

Drake got a lot of attention after getting his braids braided for the first time in March, with others criticizing his decision. A few months later, he debuted a new slick-back hairstyle that inspired days of memes. 

He made headlines again last October when he posted a fresh duck-lip image with his hair tied back into a Nike headband. A photo of Drake wearing a hentai-themed earpiece during a concert went viral in December.

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