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Ice Spice gets her post removed on Instagram for typing her real name I*is

Ice Spice previously provided a clear illustration of why the Instagram algorithm may require a bit of modification when the app erased one of her pictures for just writing her own name in the caption.

Ice Spice informed to her 6.7 million Instagram followers last night (April 17) that IG had removed one of her posts for violating community standards. 

According to the screenshot of the "Princess Diana" rapper, the specific regulation the Bronx, N.Y. artist breached was "violence and dangerous organizations." The post in question featured an image of Ice Spice. The caption appears to have piqued the interest of the app's administrators. "Ayo Isis," it simply says, with an eyes emoji.

Ice Spice Post Removed By Instagram For Using Her Real Name

Ice Spice's real name is Isis. It seems like the Instagram system mistook Isis for the Middle Eastern militant Islamist terrorist organisation.

Ice Spice is on a high after working with Nicki Minaj on the new track "Princess Diana (Remix)," which was released on April 14. The collaboration was released in collaboration with Nicki Minaj's newly created record label, Heavy on It. 

Ice Spice and Nicki Minaj released the Princess Diana (Versions) EP on Tuesday (April 18), which comprises seven various versions of the new remix. Ice Spice has stated that she developed her own path in music and believes that other musicians should follow in her footsteps.

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