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Lil Yachty Corrects Akademiks' Claim About Playboi Carti's Influence

Lil Yachty has fervently appealed to Akademiks to put an end to his imbibing habits, expressing his exasperation with the streaming personality's recent claim regarding Playboi Carti.

As evident in the video snippet below, Akademiks asserted that Yachty informed him that Carti had “made him change his entire sound” during their collaborative studio sessions. It's worth noting that Yachty recently garnered critical acclaim for his groundbreaking album, "Let's Start Here," which notably showcased his artistic exploration into uncharted territories. However, Yachty was quick to correct Akademiks regarding his alleged influences.

“Lil Yachty in my studio told me—this was before he dropped ‘Poland’ and ‘Strike’ and all this other shit,” Akademiks said in the clip in question. “He said he’s in the studio with Carti and Carti made him change his entire sound. Facts. Once I heard that, I was like, damn. Carti’s like that?”

In response, as evident in the following excerpt, Yachty promptly dismissed Akademiks' assertions, bringing up his previous remarks about Tyler the Creator.

“u r so insane, I didn’t tell u this at all,” Yachty said on Sunday. “Stop drinking bro. I said tyler encouraged me to take that route. Wtf.”It’s unclear when, exactly, Akademiks was referring to in his quickly questioned remarks. Yachty, however, has publicly praised Tyler surrounding the Let’s Start Here rollout. 

Speaking with Billboard earlier this year, for example, Yachty called Tyler “the reason I made this album.” According to Yachty’s comments at the time, Tyler told him to “do it, just go for it.” According to Yachty's recollection, Tyler urged him to "just go for it" and take risks.

Speaking of "Poland," Yachty recently captivated audiences at a festival in Gdynia by performing the infectious track a staggering six times in a row, showcasing its undeniable allure.

Lil Yachty fervently implores Akademiks to curb his drinking habits, taking issue with the streaming personality's recent assertion concerning Playboi Carti. In response, Yachty firmly corrects Akademiks by highlighting his past statements about Tyler, the Creator

As Yachty continues to bask in the success of his album "Let's Start Here," he captivates audiences with unforgettable performances, while eagerly preparing to embark on his upcoming Field Trip Tour.

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