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When Drake Persisted: Fat Joe's Story Behind 'All the Way Up' Remix

In a recent appearance on the "Rap Radar" podcast, Fat Joe made a surprising revelation about rejecting Drake's request to feature on the remix of his 2016 hit track "All the Way Up," which originally showcased Remy Ma. Joe attributed his decision to JAY-Z's involvement in the project, detailing that Drake had relentlessly reached out to collaborate.

During the podcast, the Bronx rapper recounted how Drake FaceTimed him multiple times during late hours, urging him to provide the instrumental for the remix. Although Joe expressed his hindsight regret for not having Drake on the track, he emphasized the significance of his history with JAY-Z, leading him to opt for a collaboration solely with the iconic rapper.

Having dedicated his life to hip-hop, Joe underscored the importance of the moment and the magnitude of the song. Despite declining Drake's request, he humorously reflected on the situation, mentioning that this incident marked the last time Drake approached him for a collaboration. Joe playfully pleaded for forgiveness, expressing his readiness for another musical partnership.

Joe also shared that "All the Way Up" was such a massive hit that it attracted interest from a multitude of artists, including the likes of 50 Cent and various other prominent figures within the music industry. The track's undeniable popularity made it a target for many artists eager to participate.

Adding to this, Fat Joe recently unveiled a comical video on his social media, wherein he unwrapped a gift he received from Drake's company, Stake, a few days before his 53rd birthday. 

The gift turned out to be a pair of socks personalized with his name. Joe playfully expressed both surprise and amusement, labeling it as the most "disrespectful" yet thoughtful present he's ever received. He expressed gratitude for the gesture, emphasizing that it's the intention behind the gift that matters most.

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