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The Game Slams 50 Cent for Mic Throw at Woman

50 Cent has landed in yet another controversy. This mic toss was triggered by persistent technical glitches disrupting 50's performance, resulting in unintended consequences. Reports reveal that the hurled microphone struck Bryhana Monegain, a Power 96 host, causing her injuries and bloodshed, underlining the intensity of the throw.

The situation worsened for 50 Cent as news surfaced of him being a suspect in a battery investigation tied to the microphone incident. This parallels Cardi B's experience, where she faced a brief battery investigation after her microphone throw, subsequently being cleared of charges. However, 50's situation appears more precarious, potentially leading to serious consequences. Amidst this, criticism is mounting from various quarters for his behavior.

The Game, for instance, took to Instagram, posting a message aimed at 50 Cent: “Curtis, your fat a*s came to LA hittin women.” The post stirred the already boiling pot, highlighting the ripple effects of the mic throw incident.

Interestingly, a recent review spotlighted 50 Cent, receiving an endorsement from an unexpected source. In an Interview Magazine feature with Tems, Kendrick Lamar paid tribute to 50, revealing how he had meticulously examined the rapper's early work and interviews. Kendrick singled out a particular interview response where 50 discussed being a conscious rapper, a statement that significantly impacted Lamar.
As for his musical output this year, 50 Cent has maintained a relatively low profile. He collaborated with Nas on a track for the latter's album "Magic 2," marking a reunion after more than two decades of not appearing on a song together. The juxtaposition of controversies and music in 50 Cent's career continues to shape his narrative.

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