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T.I. Expresses Shock as King Harris Didn’t Know Will Smith Was A Rapper Or That Tupac Acted

T.I. and King Harris' Entertaining Banter on "GOAT Talk" Explores Rapper-Turned-Actor Favorites and More.
On November 28, Complex aired the latest episode of "GOAT Talk," featuring T.I. and his son, King Harris. They discussed their favorite rappers-turned-actors, leading to surprising revelations.

The conversation began with T.I. mentioning Tupac Shakur as his favorite rapper-turned-actor. King, however, confessed he wasn't aware of Tupac's film career, prompting a humorous reaction from T.I. The rapper expressed disbelief, citing iconic movies like "Juice" and "Poetic Justice."

Later, King revealed Ice Cube as his favorite rapper-turned-actor, a choice that T.I. agreed with. They also acknowledged Will Smith's successful transition into acting, but King seemed oblivious to Smith's rap career, comparing it to not knowing Nick Cannon's music.

In a lighthearted exchange, T.I. defended Will Smith's musical achievements, contrasting it with Nick Cannon's lack of hits. The video also delved into topics such as life after death, favorite albums, and King's viral veneers.

This positive interaction on "GOAT Talk" followed a recent argument between King and T.I. at the Atlanta Falcons vs. New Orleans Saints game, culminating in a publicized Instagram Live scuffle. Post-incident, King addressed the situation on social media, emphasizing his independence and authenticity.

The article highlights the amusing and insightful banter between T.I. and King on "GOAT Talk," offering a glimpse into their relationship and shared interests beyond the recent public altercation.

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