Busta Rhymes Applauds Eminem, Said Nobody Can F**k With Him: "Nobody could f–k with Eminem"

Busta Rhymes Praises Eminem, Asserts No One Can Compete with Him

Busta Rhymes Praises Eminem's Talent in Exclusive Interview on ALL THE SMOKE Podcast
In a recent episode of the popular podcast "ALL THE SMOKE," hosted by former NBA players Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, Busta Rhymes, a hip-hop legend and influential figure in the genre's 'golden age,' sat down for an in-depth discussion about his life and career. 

During the interview, Busta shared captivating untold stories about iconic figures such as Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, and Tupac. He delved into the origins of speed rapping, reflected on his most memorable songs, and opened up about his health journey. Additionally, Busta discussed his collaborations with Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey.
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One notable moment from the interview occurred when Busta expressed immense admiration for Eminem. He asserted:
I’mma keep it a buck. I don’t think nobody could f–k with Eminem. I’m sorry, Dr. Umar stop it. You wildin’ son. And there is a lot of s–t that Dr. Umar says that I agree with but this is one particular one where you way off the kilt bro. Eminem is the truth bro.

- Busta Rhymes

Busta's praise for Eminem highlights the latter's undeniable impact and skill in the rap game.

Busta Rhymes Delivers High Praise for Eminem in Recent Interview:

Furthermore, Busta revealed exciting news about an upcoming song featuring an artist with whom he had to address their opinion on Eminem. He hinted at confronting this artist in rhyme form, indicating a lyrical showdown. Busta's willingness to challenge opinions and engage in artistic discourse underscores his commitment to the craft and the culture of hip-hop.

Reflecting on his collaborations with Eminem, Busta shared insights into their creative process. He recounted working on the song "Calm Down" with Eminem, revealing their competitive spirit and dedication to pushing each other's boundaries. Busta emphasized how Eminem's presence brings out the best in him, highlighting their mutual respect and admiration for each other's talents.

In addition to Eminem, Busta expressed admiration for other rap artists such as Kendrick Lamar and Talib Kweli. He praised their contributions to the genre and acknowledged their influence on his own artistry. Busta's extensive list of favorite artists showcases his appreciation for the diverse talent within hip-hop and his dedication to celebrating its rich legacy.

Overall, Busta Rhymes' interview on "ALL THE SMOKE" provided valuable insights into his career, his collaborations, and his perspective on the rap industry. His candid remarks about Eminem and other artists offer a glimpse into the dynamics of rap culture and the mutual respect shared among its icons.

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