50 Cent Announces Sale of Diddy Docuseries to Netflix, Praises Superiority Over TMZ's Work

50 Cent Fires Shots at TMZ, Claims His Diddy Series Outshines TMZ's

50 Cent Strikes Gold with Netflix Deal Amidst Diddy Drama, Mocks TMZ
50 Cent, the renowned rapper and entrepreneur, made significant moves, marking a pivotal day in his ongoing saga with fellow New York mogul, Diddy

Not only did he take to social media to jest at Diddy's expense, but he also successfully secured distribution for his highly anticipated documentary series delving into the mogul's alleged crimes. 
Titled "Diddy Do It," the docuseries was acquired by Netflix after a fierce bidding war, a victory that 50 Cent celebrated by taking a jab at TMZ.

50 Cent Mocks TMZ as Diddy Docuseries Lands Netflix Deal:

TMZ initially broke the news of Netflix's acquisition of the docuseries, highlighting the extensive interest it garnered from various networks and streaming platforms due to the significant attention surrounding Diddy's controversies in recent months. 

50 Cent's decision to partner with Netflix aligns with the platform's track record of success with true crime shows.

However, 50 Cent didn't hesitate to criticize TMZ's coverage of the story. He took to Instagram to share a screenshot of the article, pointing out the use of an unflattering photo of himself. 

Suggesting that TMZ might be envious after their own Diddy documentary, titled "The Downfall of Diddy," landed on Tubi, 50 Cent playfully dismissed the outlet's choice of image.

"It's ok guys, we're all making good television; mine just happens to be the best," he quipped.

Acknowledging the potential for further developments in Diddy's narrative, 50 Cent hinted at the possibility of producing additional episodes of his docuseries if more damning allegations surface.

Despite his playful banter, the rapper's tone shifted when addressing the latest assault claims against Diddy. 

Reacting to a lawsuit filed by Crystal McKinney alleging an incident from 2003, 50 Cent expressed concern for Diddy's well-being, stating he didn't want to be associated with any potential repercussions.

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