Azealia Banks Continues Feud with Kendrick Lamar, Calls Out Silence on 6ix9ine's N-Word Use

Azealia Banks Takes Aim at Kendrick Lamar, Demands Explanation for 6ix9ine's N-Word Use

Azealia Banks Calls Out Kendrick Lamar Over 6ix9ine's N-Word Use: Hip-Hop Twitter Feud Reignites
Azealia Banks is once again making headlines, this time taking aim at Kendrick Lamar for what she perceives as hypocrisy in his criticism of Drake's use of the N-word.

Banks, known for her outspoken nature, took to Twitter to call out Lamar for not similarly condemning 6ix9ine's use of the racial slur. In her tweets, Banks questioned Lamar's silence on the matter, highlighting the discrepancy between his criticism of Drake and his apparent lack of response to 6ix9ine's behavior. She also suggested that there may be underlying motives behind the perceived beef between Lamar and Drake, hinting at potential romantic interests.

Azealia Banks Calls Out Kendrick Lamar Over 6ix9ine's N-Word Usage:

The controversy stems from Lamar's lyrics in his song "Euphoria," where he chastises Drake for his use of the N-word. 

However, Banks pointed out that Lamar has not addressed 6ix9ine's similar usage of the word, despite the controversial rapper's history of legal issues and divisive behavior within the hip-hop community. 
Furthermore, Banks drew attention to Lamar's lyrics in the song "They Not Like Us," where he seemingly makes references to both Drake and 6ix9ine. 

She speculated on the meaning behind the phrase "69 God," suggesting it could be interpreted as a dig at 6ix9ine's controversial past and his use of the N-word in his music. 

6ix9ine, who is of Mexican and Puerto Rican descent, has faced criticism for his frequent use of the N-word, including in his debut single "Gummo." 

Despite backlash, the rapper has continued to incorporate the word into his lyrics, sparking debate and controversy within the hip-hop community. 

This latest confrontation between Banks and Lamar adds fuel to the ongoing discussion surrounding the use of racial slurs in hip-hop and the responsibility of artists to address problematic behavior within the industry. 

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