Azealia Banks Attacks Rihanna and A$AP Rocky, Stands Up for Chris Brown: 'Best artist of this generation'

Azealia Banks Slams Rihanna and A$AP Rocky in Defense of Chris Brown

Azealia Banks Attacks Rihanna and A$AP Rocky in Defense of Chris Brown

Azealia Banks has been especially outspoken this week, igniting controversy across social media. 

After targeting Doja Cat on Instagram and criticizing Kendrick Lamar and Beyoncé, she has now turned her attention to target Rihanna and A$AP Rocky while backing Chris Brown.

Positioning her attacks as a defense of Chris Brown, Banks, known for her sharp rants and critiques of high-profile celebrities, has once again sparked intense debates among fans.

This latest outburst has garnered significant attention, given the sensitive history between Brown and Rihanna. 

While some fans support Banks’ perspective, others are condemning her for bringing up past trauma.

Banks questioned why Chris Brown faces relentless scrutiny while A$AP Rocky seems to escape similar consequences for his legal issues.

Azealia Calls Out Rihanna and A$AP Rocky While Backing Chris Brown:

On Wednesday (June 5), she took to her Instagram Story to praise Brown as "the best artist of this generation" and criticize those who condemn him for his past actions towards Rihanna, labeling them as "self-righteous."

She went further to suggest that Rocky is h*mose*ual and criticized Rihanna's choice of partner, implying she should have stayed with Brown despite their history:

Look at who she’s with now. A n***a that wears back-out shirts. He’s on camera shooting one of his best friends … on camera kicking a female fan in the face. Really? Rocky’s definitely a butch queen. I don’t know how nobody told Rihanna that. Maybe she like it, maybe she’s into that stuff. But Rocky’s definitely not a straight man. Are we really responsible for trying to make Chris Brown’s life a living hell if sis is not responsible enough to make good choices of partner? It’s kinda weird.

- Azealia Banks

Her comments didn’t stop there. Banks accused Rihanna of making poor decisions and engaging in questionable behavior, only to end up with what she described as "a broke untalented g*y boy."

Rihanna’s done a lot of menacing and a lot of f***ing with b***hes just to end up with a gay boy. A broke untalented g*y boy at that.

- Azealia Banks

These inflammatory remarks have sparked a wide range of reactions. Some fans see Banks’ comments as a defense of Brown, while others view them as unnecessary and harmful. 

The debate continues to rage on social media, with opinions divided over Banks’ latest tirade.

As with many of her previous outbursts, Banks' latest comments have created a significant buzz, drawing attention to the ongoing complexities and unresolved issues within the hip-hop and rap communities. 

Whether her rants lead to meaningful discussions or merely add fuel to existing controversies remains to be seen.

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