Gunna Affirms Commitment to Young Thug's YSL Records Amid Plea Deal Controversy

Gunna Clarifies YSL Status, Slams False Snitching Accusations

Gunna Reaffirms YSL Loyalty Despite Plea Deal Controversy

Gunna has recently addressed the ongoing rumors surrounding his relationship with Young Thug's YSL label, following accusations that he snitched on his mentor and collaborator.

The Atlanta rapper's affiliation with YSL has been under scrutiny since he controversially accepted a plea deal in the high-profile YSL RICO case, leading to his release from jail. 

This move raised questions about his loyalty to the label and sparked widespread speculation about his role in the case.

In the new Spotify documentary "A Day in the Life with Gunna," the artist provided clarity on his standing with YSL.

“I’m still signed to YSL. I’m still providing. I’m still pushing. No paperwork has been changed.”

Gunna affirmed, putting to rest any doubts about his commitment to the label.

Gunna Clears the Air: Still Signed to YSL, Denies Snitching Allegations

Gunna's confirmation comes on the heels of his recent reflections on his relationship with Young Thug, who remains embroiled in legal battles over racketeering charges. 

Despite the controversy, Gunna’s last two albums, "A Gift & A Curse" and "One of Wun," were both released under YSL in collaboration with 300 Entertainment, even after his plea deal was finalized.

The rapper's statements also address the intense backlash he has faced, with many labeling him a "rat" for allegedly betraying Young Thug. 

Gunna has consistently denied these allegations, maintaining his innocence and loyalty to his label boss since his release from jail in December 2022.

Interestingly, Gunna has found an unexpected support in Young Thug's father, Jeffery Williams Sr. In an interview with radio host Infamous Sylvia last year, Williams Sr. came to Gunna's defense, offering support during a time when the rapper faced immense public and industry pressure.

As Gunna navigates these turbulent times, his declarations in the documentary aim to reinforce his unwavering connection to YSL and dispel the negative rumors. 

His steadfast position illustrates his determination to continue contributing to the label and the hip-hop community, despite the challenges posed by the legal ordeal and public opinion.