NBA YoungBoy Calls Out Birdman in New Track 'Tears Of War' for Alleged Betrayal

YoungBoy Never Broke Again Accuses Birdman of Betrayal in New Track

NBA YoungBoy Disses Birdman and Floyd Mayweather in 'Tears Of War'

NBA YoungBoy Disses Birdman and Floyd Mayweather in 'Tears Of War'

In his latest track "Tears of War," YoungBoy seems to take aim at both Birdman and Floyd Mayweather. He mentions that he should have heeded Lil Wayne's caution about not trusting the Cash Money Records co-founder. 

The song also references Mayweather, who is the father of one of YoungBoy's children's mother.

DJ Akademiks was the first to reveal "Tears of War" online, noting that it was the final track YoungBoy recorded before a police raid on his home in April. Akademiks shared:

Listen: NBA YoungBoy Addresses Birdman and Mayweather in Controversial New Song

Top gave me this song for his fans. He said this was the last song he recorded before they raided his house. He misses y'all.

- Akademiks

In one verse of the six-minute song, YoungBoy raps:

Know Miss Tina probably sayin', This piece of sh*t with my daughter' / I won't arguе 'cause I know that soon I'll probably be slaughterеd / Biggest snake from out of Florida, I ain't never record her / Knew that Stunna never loved me, should've listened to Carter. All these f*ckin' cars, can't drive, I keep my feelings disguised / Scared to vent to Yaya, but I could talk to my guys / Floyd against me, he the only reason that I stopped tryin' / We 'posed to all be aligned, I keep my head to the sky.

- NBA YoungBoy

Lil Wayne's earlier warning to YoungBoy about Birdman comes to light in this context. On his 2020 track “Multiple Flows” with Lil Uzi Vert, Wayne rapped:

And I had told YoungBoy to watch out for old head.

- Lil Wayne

The exact moment their relationship soured remains unclear, as both artists have previously shown significant support for one another. Birdman even once hailed YoungBoy as the “biggest rapper” in the industry.

This latest development has sparked considerable discussion in the hip-hop community, with fans speculating on the fallout between YoungBoy and Birdman. 

The lyrics suggest a deep sense of betrayal and frustration, adding a new layer to the narrative of YoungBoy's turbulent relationships within the music industry.

The mention of Floyd Mayweather adds another dimension to the track. YoungBoy’s apprehension about venting to Yaya Mayweather, Floyd's daughter, highlights the personal stakes involved. 

His line about Floyd being the reason he stopped trying hints at a complex dynamic between them

"Tears of War" not only showcases YoungBoy’s lyrical prowess but also provides a raw and unfiltered glimpse into his personal battles. The track is poised to resonate with fans who have followed his journey and adds a compelling chapter to his ongoing saga in the hip-hop world. 

As fans and critics dissect the lyrics, the song's impact is likely to fuel further discussions about loyalty, trust, and betrayal in the industry.