Toronto Rapper Top5 Allegedly Threatens The Weeknd Over Kendrick Lamar's "Pop Out" Concert Appearance

Top5 Issues Apparent Threat to The Weeknd for Supporting Kendrick Lamar at "Pop Out" Concert

Top5 Calls Out The Weeknd After Kendrick Lamar's "Pop Out" Event in LA

In the midst of Kendrick Lamar's highly anticipated "Pop Out" event at LA's Forum, a constellation of hip-hop stars lit up the stage, leaving fans electrified with their stellar performances. 

Dr. Dre, Tyler, The Creator, Jay Rock, YG, and a slew of other luminaries graced the event, either taking the spotlight or soaking in the atmosphere from the audience.

Among the attendees was The Weeknd, seen enjoying the spectacle amidst the crowd's enthusiastic response. 

The Weeknd's presence at the concert comes amidst recent stirrings in the hip-hop world, where subtle tensions between him and Drake have surfaced. 

While The Weeknd appeared to have been referenced in Drake's track "Family Matters" following a perceived slight on a collaboration with Future and Metro Boomin, his focus seemed squarely on supporting Kendrick Lamar, marking his first public appearance since the online exchange with Drake.

However, not everyone in the Canadian hip-hop scene seemed pleased with The Weeknd's recent activities. Toronto rapper Top5, currently facing legal proceedings for a m*rder charge dating back to 2021, took to social media to express his discontent. 

On Instagram Stories, Top5 issued a provocative challenge, daring anyone to confront him in Toronto with a stern "no-fly zone" warning. 

He further stirred controversy by calling out The Weeknd directly, suggesting implications about substance use and geographical identity.

Top5 Threatens The Weeknd for Appearing at Kendrick Lamar's "Pop Out" Show:

Top5, born Hassan Abdibarik Ali, has been embroiled in legal troubles since 2022 when he was charged in connection with the fatal sh**ting of Hashim Omar Hashi, a case stemming from mistaken identity in retaliation for his brother's death.

The incident highlights ongoing tensions and rivalries within the hip-hop community, with social media often serving as a volatile platform for airing grievances and stoking controversies. 

As Kendrick Lamar's "Pop Out" event continues to reverberate through the music industry, the intersection of fame, feuds, and legal issues underscores the complexities faced by artists navigating both personal and professional landscapes.

The Weeknd's attendance at the concert may have been a sign of unity within the industry, but Top5's outspoken challenge serves as a stark reminder of the real-world consequences and challenges facing hip-hop artists today.