50 Cent Trolls Rick Ross Over Vancouver Altercation at Canada Concert

50 Cent Keeps Rick Ross Feud Alive With Jokes During Canadian Tour

50 Cent Mocks Rick Ross' Vancouver Incident During Canadian Concert

50 Cent remains a towering figure in the hip-hop world, continuing to tour and demonstrate his impressive talents. With a legendary catalog of hits that still get clubs jumping, he proves his enduring relevance. 

However, 50 Cent is also well-known for his numerous feuds throughout his career. Never one to back down, he often re-ignites past conflicts, keeping the drama alive.

One of his long-standing beefs is with Rick Ross. The tension between these two rap giants is palpable, and 50 Cent seems to relish every opportunity to get the upper hand. 

Recently, this feud took a fresh turn, thanks to an incident involving Rick Ross and his entourage in Vancouver. Ross found himself in a real-world altercation while in Canada, and 50 Cent has been quick to capitalize on the situation with his signature humor.

During his recent tour stop in Canada, 50 Cent couldn't resist taking a jab at Rick Ross over the Vancouver incident. 

In a video circulating online, 50 Cent is seen engaging with the crowd, humorously asking why they attacked Ross. He even singled out audience members, playfully inquiring if they were the ones who delivered the beatdown. 

The crowd, loving every moment, cheered him on, showcasing 50 Cent's knack for entertaining and stirring the pot.

Watch: 50 Cent Roasts Rick Ross' Vancouver Incident While Touring In Canada

This incident is just the latest in a series of taunts and jabs from 50 Cent aimed at Rick Ross. His ability to blend humor with pettiness makes him a master of maintaining public interest in his feuds. 

Despite the serious undertones of their beef, 50 Cent's antics keep fans engaged and talking.

While Rick Ross may not find 50 Cent's jokes amusing, it's clear that 50 Cent thrives on controversy. 

His willingness to keep old feuds alive with new material demonstrates his strategic approach to staying relevant in the ever-evolving hip-hop scene. 

As 50 Cent continues his tour, fans can likely expect more jabs and playful provocations aimed at his rivals, keeping his legacy as one of hip-hop's most provocative figures firmly intact.