50 Cent Keeps Trolling Rick Ross Over Canada Brawl: ''Rick Ross got f*cked up''

50 Cent Continues His Ridicule of Rick Ross Post-Canada Brawl

50 Cent Continues to Tease Rick Ross About Canada Brawl with Keith Sweat and Earthquake

50 Cent continues to poke fun at his longtime rival, Rick Ross, following an altercation in Canada last week. 

During an Instagram Live session with singer Keith Sweat and comedian Earthquake, 50 Cent kept the jokes rolling as they discussed Ross's recent run-in at a festival in Vancouver.

The incident reportedly erupted after a controversial song choice stirred tensions among attendees.

“You saw that sh*t that happened in Canada? Rick Ross got f*cked up.”

50 Cent quipped, playfully mimicking a boxing match. Earthquake chimed in with his own humor, suggesting Ross's bodyguards should resign for failing their primary duty. 

The banter continued, with 50 Cent jokingly expressing his readiness to keep the comedic jabs going. 

“All his bodyguards need to resign, n***a. They failed the number one thing. They didn’t guard nobody’s body — including their own. I could do this muthaf*cka all day with y’all."

50 Cent and Keith Sweat Team Up to Clown Rick Ross:

This isn't the first time 50 Cent has teased Rick Ross about the incident. In an earlier social media post, he playfully addressed the altercation, feigning concern and amusement over the situation.

Reports from Vancouver detailed a chaotic scene involving Rick Ross and his entourage after a contentious song, reportedly Kendrick Lamar's diss track aimed at Drake, played at the festival. 

Initial speculations suggested Ross might have been injured during the brawl, but he later reassured fans on Instagram that he was unharmed and even described his trip as enjoyable, promising a return soon. 

The ongoing jests from 50 Cent underscore the longstanding rivalry between the two rap icons, often played out through social media banter and occasional public confrontations. 

Their history of verbal sparring and occasional real-life altercations adds fuel to the playful taunting seen recently. 

As the story continues to circulate online, fans of both artists are following closely to see how Rick Ross responds to 50 Cent's comedic jabs and whether this latest episode will escalate their rivalry once again.