Rick Ross Posts Close-Up Video to Debunk Claims He Hid Injuries After Vancouver Attack

Rick Ross Denies Hiding Injuries, Shares Video After Vancouver Brawl
Rick Ross Confrontation with Drake Fans at Ignite Music Festival Sparks Chaos

The Ignite Music Festival in Vancouver became a battleground over the weekend as Rick Ross found himself embroiled in a tense confrontation with purported fans of Drake

The incident reportedly began when Ross requested the DJ to play Kendrick Lamar's "Not Like Us," sparking tension among attendees. 

Videos circulating online captured Ross being punched in the face, triggering a brawl between the two groups.

Following the viral incident, Ross became the subject of online ridicule, with even his ex-wife Tia Kemp joining in to express support for Drake through various social media posts.

Despite the altercation, Ross has since clarified that he emerged unscathed. 

In a video shared recently, he showed a close-up of his face to dispel rumors of hiding injuries. The footage indicated no significant damage, although Kemp continues to remind him of the incident through her comments.

Rick Ross Shows Close-Up Of Face After Alleged Drake Fans Attack in Vancouver:

Earlier this week, Kemp suggested that Ross might secretly be pleased with the fight's attention. 

She even engaged directly with Drake on social media, prompting a response where Drake referred to her as his "goat." In a terse comeback, Ross simply posted, "p*do vs granny."

This latest altercation between Ross and Drake's factions has reignited long-standing tensions between the two rap icons and their respective circles. 

As fans and critics alike dissect the implications of the Vancouver incident, it underscores the enduring drama and spectacle that often accompanies high-profile conflicts in the hip-hop community.

The aftermath of the brawl serves as a stark reminder of the volatile nature of celebrity feuds and the intense scrutiny that accompanies every move made by figures as prominent as Ross and Drake within the rap world.