Camila Cabello Expresses Frustration Over Drake and Kendrick Lamar Rivalry

Camila Cabello on Drake vs Kendrick Lamar Feud: 'It's Frustrating'

Camila Cabello Expresses Frustration Over Drake and Kendrick Lamar Feud

Camila Cabello recently shared her thoughts on the heated feud between rap giants Drake and Kendrick Lamar. 

The 27-year-old "Havana" singer, who successfully got Drake to collaborate on two tracks for her new album "C,XOXO", expressed her frustration over the ongoing beef in a candid interview with The Times.

Camila Cabello Weighs In on Drake and Kendrick Lamar's Ongoing Feud:

Cabello told The Times:

“It’s frustrating to see people talk about someone you know in a way that is negative. You’re like, ‘Dang, if only you guys could just have dinner or something.’”

The longstanding rivalry between Drake and Lamar escalated dramatically in May when both artists released diss tracks aimed at each other. 

The lyrical battle featured harsh insults and speculative allegations, sparking intense discussions among fans and the hip-hop community. 

Drake’s appearance on Cabello’s album marks his first musical release since this latest chapter in the feud.

Cabello recounted how her collaboration with Drake came about. She reached out to the "God's Plan" rapper on social media, inviting him to feature on her new album. To her surprise and delight, he responded positively.

Drake’s contribution to "C,XOXO" is just one highlight among several star-studded features. 

The album also includes collaborations with “Old Town Road” sensation Lil Nas X, Playboi Carti, and City Girls members JT and Yung Miami, showcasing Cabello's wide-reaching musical connections and versatility.

Despite the tension surrounding her collaborators, Cabello remains focused on her music and the positive impact she hopes it will have. 

Her perspective on the Drake vs. Lamar feud underscores her desire for reconciliation and harmony in the music industry.

As the release of "C,XOXO" continues to garner attention, fans and critics alike are keen to see how Cabello’s artistic endeavors unfold amidst the backdrop of this high-profile rap rivalry. 

Her collaboration with Drake, coupled with her candid remarks about the feud, adds an intriguing layer to the ongoing saga between two of hip-hop’s biggest names.