Dr. Umar Criticizes Rappers for Defending Eminem's GOAT Status in Hip Hop Despite His Non-African Background

Dr. Umar Goes Off On Hip-Hop Pioneers for Defending Eminem Against GOAT Comments

Dr. Umar Criticizes Rappers for Eminem's GOAT Defense

Dr. Umar has once again ignited controversy with his recent commentary, this time challenging the widespread notion that Eminem can be crowned as the GOAT of Hip Hop due to his race. 

However, the real focus of his criticism isn't the renowned rapper but rather the hip hop stars who have come to his defense.

In his signature style, Dr. Umar begins by underlining the deep-rooted connection of hip hop to Black culture. 

While acknowledging Eminem's undeniable lyrical prowess and his remarkable journey to the top of the rap game, Dr. Umar asserts that talent alone isn't sufficient to claim the title of the greatest of all time.

According to Dr. Umar, allowing someone from outside the African American community to represent a culture created by African Americans-is a form of cultural appropriation. 

He argues that the quest for white validation within the Black community often leads to the acceptance of non-African individuals as the face of African-American culture. 

Drawing a parallel, Dr. Umar suggests that just as DJ Khaled could never be considered a true DJ or producer because he is not African, Eminem cannot be elevated to the status of GOAT in hip hop.

If you want to say he’s one of the greatest, make that argument, but you will not call him the GOAT of a Black cultural icon. You are not doing that! Our culture is our culture. We don’t share it. If you want to give people the privilege to participate, then they have participation privilege, but you can not be the face of something my people made. This is not only true for me, this is true for most groups. But because Black people suffer from post-traumatic slavery disease and we crave white validation more than oxygen, we are always looking to annoy some non-African as the face of something African people created. When I said Eminem can not be a GOAT, I never said he couldn’t rap. I never said he didn’t have talent. I simply said he can’t be the GOAT. No more than DJ Khaled could ever be considered as a DJ or producer cause you are not African.

- Dr. Umar

Dr. Umar Expresses Frustration at Rappers Who Defended Eminem's GOAT Status:

While Dr. Umar's argument brings to light the critical issue of cultural ownership, it's essential to differentiate between appreciation and appropriation of a culture. 

Hip hop has always embraced influences from various genres, with artists like Run-DMC sampling from rock legends like Aerosmith. 

This exchange of ideas and influences has been intrinsic to the dynamism and evolution of hip hop. 

Eminem, while respecting the roots of hip hop, has brought his unique style to the genre, pushing its boundaries and contributing to its evolution.

In essence, Dr. Umar's critique initiates a necessary discourse about cultural appropriation within hip hop. 

While Eminem's contributions to the genre are undisputed, the ongoing debate over whether he can rightfully claim the title of GOAT continues to spark discussion within the hip hop community.