DJ Akademiks Slams Adam 22 Over Interview with Alleged Pop Smoke K*ller: ''Dangerous precedent''

DJ Akademiks Expresses Outrage at Adam 22 for Interviewing Suspected Pop Smoke M*rderer

Akademiks Criticizes Adam22 Over Interview with Pop Smoke Murder Suspect

In a recent controversy that has stirred the hip-hop community, DJ Akademiks has publicly criticized Adam22 for his decision to interview Blockstar, one of the individuals charged in connection with the tragic murder of Pop Smoke

The Brooklyn rapper, born Bashar Barakah Jackson, was fatally sh*t during a home invasion in February 2020, shocking fans and the music industry alike.

Blockstar, who was just 15 years old at the time of the murder and is now 19 after serving a four-year sentence in juvenile detention, appeared on Adam22's No Jumper podcast. 

During the interview, Blockstar showed no remorse for his alleged involvement in Pop Smoke's d*ath. 

This lack of contrition has sparked outrage and condemnation from figures like DJ Akademiks, who see such interviews as glorifying violence and setting a troubling precedent in hip-hop culture.

Akademiks, known for his outspoken commentary on rap industry controversies, voiced his concerns during a livestream, highlighting the potential dangers of giving a platform to individuals accused of serious crimes. 

He criticized Adam22 for potentially encouraging a culture of clout-chasing among those involved in violent acts, suggesting that such exposure could glamorize criminal behavior rather than condemn it.

"I wonder if he knows the repercussions of what he's doing, You interviewed Pop Smoke's k*ller. You basically signal to the entire whole clout-chasing generation that if you m*rder someone, especially someone with a name, you have a platform to get another type of clout or career. I think that's a dangerous precedent. Very dangerous. You kind've have to draw that line."

Adam 22 Faces Backlash from DJ Akademiks Over Alleged Pop Smoke Killer Interview:

The discussion has reignited debates around ethics in media and the responsibilities of influencers within the hip-hop community. 

Akademiks, who himself has faced backlash in the past for his coverage of violence in Chicago hip-hop scenes, emphasized the need for boundaries when it comes to sensationalizing criminal activities for entertainment or fame.

Critics argue that interviews like the one conducted by Adam22 could trivialize the severity of Pop Smoke's tragic death and its impact on his family, friends, and fans. 

They contend that such actions risk overshadowing the legacy of artists like Pop Smoke, who had a promising career cut short by senseless violence.

As the controversy unfolds, hip-hop fans and industry insiders continue to debate the ethical implications of providing a platform to individuals accused of serious crimes. 

The fallout from Blockstar's interview serves as a stark reminder of the delicate balance between journalistic freedom and responsible media practices in the digital age.